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Tired of feeling stuck? Feel like life is passing you by?
Join me and transform your inner critic into your inner champion in just 8 weeks 

You Are The Masterpiece™

Too good to be true? 
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Several ladies from all over the world have already taken the leap and completed the program. Here is what they had to say about their experience...
Rachel Rose is a certified Spiritual Transformation Coach, Energy Healer and Tarot/Oracle Card Reader.   Her signature 8 week program, You Are The Masterpiece™ is a fusion of the The Soul Awakening Method™ founded by Anne-Marie Mayers Clapp and The Spiritual Gold Method™ developed by Rachel herself. 

Rachel specialises in a range of areas including inner child work, soul alignment for aspiring entrepreneurs and spiritual healing for past relationship wounds.

Here's what to expect once you embark on this special journey  to discover your true self:

Week 0 - Welcome To The Program (Opening Ceremony)

Week 1 - Exploring Your Divine Blueprint With Astrology

Week 2 - Present You vs. Masterpiece You

Week 3 - Raising Your Vibration: Eliminating Beliefs That Limit You

Week 4 - Reparenting Your Inner Child

Week 5 - Live Expert Speaker Presentation + Q & A 

Week 6 - The Power of Gratitude and Harnessing Your Inner Strengths

Week 7 - Your Value System Is Your Mirror

Week 8 - Unleashing The Masterpiece (Final Session & Closing Ceremony)
First Sessions Begin 
w/c 22nd March 2021
  • ​You are exhausted with trying different methods of healing and you are ready for dramatic change
  • You have tried to move forward in life but feel like everyone else is moving ahead and therefore leaving you behind
  • You are unable to overcome your obsessive negative thoughts and you are forever battling with your inner voice instead of making progress
  • ​​You struggle with your self esteem and you are unable to see yourself as worthy of the life of your dreams
  • ​​You are unable to heal childhood wounds and realise that this is sabotaging your adult life
  • You are not willing to be open and put in the work
  • ​You feel that the pain of making this financial investment is stronger than your dedication towards achieving your desired outcome
  • You are scared of the emotions that will come up as a result of the inner work involved and you are not ready to face these
  • ​​You are not willing to commit your time to the program 
  • ​​You are not ready to be accountable for your own success and stop blaming circumstances for the reason why you are not where you want to be 

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What's Included?

  •  1 x 45 minute personalised guided natal chart reading, with the use of a third party vendor to produce your individual chart, we will dive into all the different aspects of your life and personality through astrology focusing on the planetary positions, the zodiac signs and houses they sit in as as well as any other aspects that appear to be relevant. 
  • ​6 x 60 minute one-on-one spiritual transformation coaching sessions, using energy and archetypal psychology as the catalyst to help eliminate any existing limiting beliefs, nurture your inner child and plant the seeds for immense spiritual growth. 
  • ​6 x 60 minute group energy healing sessions, a shared spiritual experience for the collective community on the program that involves receiving distant Usui reiki as well as being guided through a deeply healing meditation. 
  • ​​BONUS: Live Q & A expert speaker session on topic voted by the collective group, all participants of the program will be granted the chance to select  a hot topic they would like an expert to hold a masterclass Q & A session on. The most popular vote will determine what the expert speaker will be speaking about in the scheduled session. Experts may offer their free resources to further benefit the spiritual journey of the group.
  • BONUS: 2 x 15 minute bonus catch-up calls,  as a special addition, all participants have up to 2 x additional check-ins with Rachel at any point of the program. These are unstructured calls where you are encouraged to take the opportunity to fully express what is showing up for you on this journey.
  • BONUS: 20% discount on any follow-up coaching sessions booked within 6 months of program completion, upon  graduating from the program, each participant will receive their code to use for their future purchase to further encourage a sense of accountability of your long term goals.
  • BONUS: Additional exercises to be used in between your coaching sessions, as an added gift, you can further supplement your self discovery journey by completing the tasks in each of the PDF downloadables.
  • BONUS: Full chakra self healing guide, this PDF downloadable to further boost your connect with your inner self by understanding each chakra in detail and using the guide to help remove any energy blocks you have in your body on-demand.

The worldwide pandemic has taught us that time is borrowed...
so what are you waiting for?

Here's What Others Had To Say...
The main areas I focused on with Rachel in 1:1 sessions were my negative inner self talk and my perceived need to have things perfect stopping me from starting things I was completely ready to do. My ‘worst case scenario’ self talk constantly crept in when thinking about goals I wished to achieve, but Rachel not only helped me to reframe how I thought about these goals and actually think about what would succeeding in them look like, but also to understand that that voice wasn’t an inner enemy as I’d always considered it, but almost a form of protection I’d set in my mind to try and prevent such things happening to me. This change in narrative changed everything. 

I could go on for days about all the fantastic things that have come from Rachels coaching, but I will conclude with what I believe really sets her apart from others; her intuition and rich experience, the warmth of her personality and spirit, her total dedication and professionalism at all times and her truly joyous inner light that shines out so brightly, it is completely contagious! The positive outcomes from my time with Rachel are still going strong and I feel confident I now have the knowledge and tools to keep them going and to keep progressing with my self work for a long time to come.
Shivani Gennard
London, UK
I really enjoyed my time with Rachel and completing the program. I wanted to work on my confidence and start to believe in myself more.
During my time on the program, I was able to open up and trust myself. I have started and continued new routines and achieving goals. This was all due to Rachel and the way she conducted herself. She made me feel extremely comfortable. It was like being with a friend but leaving each session with a purpose and intentions. I really enjoyed the goal setting and looking back at what I have achieved over the weeks. I also really liked the card reading at the end of each session. Rachel was very prompt in sending the overview of each session via email.
I would recommend this to anyone and who wants a push in the right direction and open themselves up to new and exciting opportunities.
Latoya Francis
London, UK

I went into the program with the goal of healing both spiritually and physically so that I could better connect with people around me. Rachel made the program so fun  and I looked forward to seeing her every week because she makes it so easy to just share your experience with her. Something that sets her apart from other Coaches and even other Therapists that I have worked with is that this is a relatively new business and she comes in to coach you with fresh eyes rather than preconceived ideas. She sees you as are you are...a unique an individual...and I really appreciated that.  You don't always needs someone who has been doing this for years. 

 What also makes her special is  her way of combining coaching and giving you tools to set you on your path as well as providing you with the more ethereal spiritual side of tapping into yourself.  I feel like I transformed during this program in way that I felt more open, integrated and more aligned with my boundaries. The huge thing about this program is that it me made feel CONFIDENT in the sense that "I am secure, I am showing up for myself every day".  If you are willing to put in the work and show up for yourself and trust Rachel then this program is for you. I highly recommend it!
Mollie Jackson
Alaska, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I live in a different time zone?
The sessions are flexible to most time zones across the world and women who have already completed the program have been based in various parts of the United States; the UAE; Mexico the United Kingdom as well as Singapore. If you are unsure, please schedule a call to discuss this further.
What time are the sessions scheduled for? How can I be sure I can make them all live?
Both the one-on-one coaching calls and the group energy healing sessions will take place from Tuesday - Thursday  from 6pm - 9pm GMT.  The energy healing sessions will not be recorded in order to ensure that all participants receive the reiki healing live and gain its full benefits.
I am unable to pay the full amount upfront. Are there payment options available?
There is an option to pay in 2 x instalments of £699 with the first instalment payable upon checkout and the final instalment payable within 4 weeks.
What relevant qualifications does Rachel have?
Rachel is a certified Spiritual Transformation coach and completed her Level 7 Master Diploma training that is accredited by IACP&M and IPHM. She is soon to be a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and holds a Reiki Second Degree qualification. 
I don't feel like this is the right time for me. Will it be available again at some point in the year?
This signature program will be available a few times in a year however the price of the program will be increasing as this is the lowest rate that it is being offered to the public. 
I keep seeing the word 'spiritual' - I have my own religious practices. Will Rachel's techniques interfere with these?
Rachel has a profound respect for all religions and her practices are based on energy management and freedom from negative limiting belief systems therefore this will not interfere with your own faith.
The query I have is not on this list. How can I contact Rachel to ask her my question directly?
Rachel will be holding a live Q & A session for anyone who has queries so that she can address them however, if you would like to approach her individually, please email her at: info@thehealingroseholistics.com.
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